The Archiving and CDR agent contains message-stamping capabilities to provide administrators control over whether messages are archived multiple times if they pass through multiple pools or Front End servers in their path. In such a situation, administrators can effectively control the number of times a message is archived.

To enable this control, the Archiving and CDR agent stamps every message that it archives.

The value of the stamp is specified in the following WMI property:

In an example where two archiving agents are involved, the first archiving agent stamps the message with the value as backend_tokenand archives it. Subsequently, the second archiving agent looks at the stamp and compares it to the value of the WMI property ArchivingBEToken.

If the administrator intends to have the second archiving agent archive the message, the administrator needs to change the value of the WMI property to a value distinct from backend_token(the value of that property for the first archiving agent). If the value is identical for the second archiving agent, it will not archive that message.

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