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Topic Last Modified: 2010-03-26

Each record represents one media type used in a peer-to-peer session. One session would be represented by multiple records in the table, if more than one media type is used.

You should not use the Media table to calculate the media duration for a call. This table contains the signaling details of media exchange in a call. Media exchange is done by INVITE request, and StartTime indicates the time that the INVITE was sent out. The invite time does not necessarily mean the media start time since media only starts after the callee accepts the call. The EndTime usually means the end time of this call.

Column Data Type Key/Index Details



Primary, Foreign

Time of session request; used in conjunction with SessionIdSeq to uniquely identify a session. Reference to the Dialogs Table.



Primary, Foreign

ID number to identify the session. Used in conjunction with SessionIdTime to uniquely identify a session. Reference to the Dialogs Table.



Primary, Foreign

Unique number identifying this media type, reference to the MediaList Table.




This is the time that a media request was sent out, not the real media start time. StartTime includes the setup time.




This is the end time of the call.