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Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-15

Since the Microsoft Active Domain Services object for the user already exits, you just need to provision the phone number and extension.

To provision a user’s phone number and extension, just use the user management cmdlets, for example, Set-CsUser.

The authentication PIN can be configured by an administrator or set by the user via the dial-in conferencing web page. An administrator can set the PIN from Communications Server Control Panel or from the Communications Server Management Shell (Set -CSClientPIN).

The phone unlock PIN is set by the user when the phone first starts up. This PIN is unique to the device, and if the user forgets it cannot be reset by the administrator. Instead, the user will have to sign out and then sign-in again. At this time they will be given the opportunity to set the device unlock PIN. To sign out the user must unlock the device, and select Switch User from the Menu.