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Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-01

A network inter-site policy defines bandwidth limitations between sites that have direct WAN links between them.

For more information, see the Communications Server Management Shell documentation for the following cmdlets:

A network inter-site policy is required only if there is a direct cross link between two network sites.

In the example topology North America region, there is a direct link between the Reno and Albuquerque sites. These two sites require an inter-site policy that applies an appropriate bandwidth policy profile. The example below applies the 20Mb_Link profile.

To create a network inter-site policy

  1. Open Communications Server Management Shell.

  2. Run the New-CsNetworkInterSitePolicy cmdlet to create network inter-site policies and apply an appropriate bandwidth policy profile for two sites that have a direct cross link. For example, run:

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    New-CsNetworkInterSitePolicy -InterNetworkSitePolicyID Reno_Albuquerque -NetworkSiteID1 Reno -NetworkSiteID2 Albuquerque -BWPolicyProfileID 20Mb_Link
  3. Repeat step 2 as needed to create network inter-site policies for all network sites pairs that have a direct cross link.