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Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-14

The new line of IP phones include the Aastra 6725ip desktop phone, the Aastra 6721ip common area phone, the Polycom CX600 desktop phone, the Polycom CX500 common area phone, and the CX3000 conferencing or common area phone.

Authentication is the process of validating user credentials. When setting up IP phones, PIN authentication needs to be enabled on Communications Server, and an appropriate PIN policy need to be in place. This allows authentication to be automatic when a user signs in to a phone device.

To enable PIN authentication, check the security tab in Communications Server Control Panel, and select the Web Service header. The PIN authentication will have a tick mark if it is enabled. You can edit the PIN Policy by selecting the PIN Policy header in the security section.

This can also be done in Communications Server Management Shell:

Set-CsWebServiceConfiguration –Identity Global –UserPinAuth $true

To check whether it was set:

Get-CsWebServiceConfiguration | Select UsePinAuth