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Topic Last Modified: 2010-06-22

Communications Server includes a standard web service interface that you can use to connect the Location Information Server to Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) applications that match MAC addresses with port and switch information.

If a SNMP application is installed, and the Location Information Server fails to find a match in the Location database the Location Information Server will automatically query the application using the MAC address provided by the client. The Location Information Server will then use the port and switch information returned by the SNMP application to re-query the Location database.

For more information, see the Communications Server Management Shell documentation for the following cmdlets:

To configure the SNMP application URL

  1. Open Communications Server Management Shell.

  2. Run the following cmdlet to configure the URL for the SNMP application.

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    Set-CsWebServiceConfiguration –MACResolverUrl “<SNMP application url>”