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Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-01

If you have already created network regions for E9-1-1 or media bypass, modify the existing network regions by adding settings specific to call admission control by using the Set-CsNetworkRegion cmdlet. For an example of how to modify a network region instead, see “Create or Modify a Network Region.”

Network regions are the network hubs or backbones used in the configuration of call admission control, E9-1-1, and media bypass. Use the following procedures to create network regions that align to network regions in the example network topology for call admission control. To view the example network topology, see “Example: Gathering the Required Information for Call Admission Control” in the Planning documentation.

The example network topology for call admission control has three regions: North America, EMEA, and APAC. Each region has a specified central site. For the North America region, the designated central site is named CHICAGO-NA-MCS-DEPLOYMENT. The following procedure shows an example of how you can use the New-CsNetworkRegion cmdlet to create the North America region.

To create a network region for call admission control

  1. Open Communications Server Management Shell.

  2. For each region that you need to create, run the New-CsNetworkRegion cmdlet. For example, to create the North America region, run:

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    New-CsNetworkRegion –Identity NorthAmerica  -CentralSite CHICAGO-NA-MCS-DEPLOYMENT  -Description “All North America Locations”
  3. Repeat step 2 to create network regions EMEA and APAC.