Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Server SDK documentation contains the following changes.

MSPL Change

Change Entry


StandardHeader values:

  • MSTenantId

  • MSNegotiateData

  • MSSplitDomainInfo

  • MSEnableDnsFailover

  • MSRegistrarCdrInfo

  • MSImFormat

  • MSApplication

  • MSApplicationAor

  • MSTrunkingPeer

  • MSTargetClass

  • Diversion

  • MSICROrigUri

ClusterType enum

UserOption fields

  • NoAudioVideo

IsLocalCluster function

IsPasOnline function

clusterType parameter of QueryHomeServer

RequestSource MSPL Built-in Variables

The MarshalContent property of Transaction.

SourceInfo type


UserOption fields:

  • PublicCloud

  • Federation

  • OutsideAccess

  • RpAllowed

The UserPolicyType parameter from the QueryUserPolicy function.

The properties of the RegistrarEndpoint type:

  • AllSupportForking

  • SupportsForking

  • HasPresence

  • Availability

  • Activity

  • AgeOfPresence

  • PresenceDoc

Managed SIP API



This is a helper class for managing dynamic changes of a server application configuration.


This class encapsulates the application settings that can be set by a server administrator.


This class defines the delegate for handling the application configuration changes set by a server administrator.


This class encapsulates the changes of a server application configuration, including the new and old configuration settings, that are available in a configuration change notification.


This class encapsulates an internal exception raised by an ApplicationConfigHelper object.