The Responses property contains a collection of all Response Sip Class objects associated with the transaction.



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public ResponseCollection Responses {get;}


[Visual Basic .NET]

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Public ReadOnly Property Responses As ResponseCollection


For a object, this collection contains all responses returned for the specific request the client transaction was created to service, represented as a ResponseCollection object.

For a ServerTransaction object, this collection contains all responses generated to serve incoming requests.

Some transactions contain more than one response message if the response is of the Class 1XX (Provisional) status class.

Note that this set includes only those responses that matched message processing rules and were dispatched to the application. If the application was never notified of a response, this collection will not contain it. This implies that applications should not poll this collection to see if any new responses arrived.


Redistributable: Requires Microsoft Lync Server 2010


Assembly: ServerAgent (in ServerAgent.dll)

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