Debugging a SIP Application

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 provides the ApiLogger.exe utility to assist developers in debugging threaded SIP applications.

For information about the errors found in the log displayed with ApiLogger.exe, see Using ApiLogger.exe. Several major application logic errors are recorded in the error log.

In the application manifest, SIP messages can be logged before being dispatched (through the Dispatch function) to the application simply by calling the Log function before the dispatch.

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Log("Debugr", true);

The level of detail for each message in the log is set with the second parameter. If it is false, only the "Method", "To, "From", and "Request-Uri" headers are logged, along with the date/time and the application URI. If it is true, the entire SIP message will be logged.

The third and subsequent parameters contain optional developer messages that can be entered in the log along with the SIP message. These developer messages can contain searchable keywords or additional information that can be used to filter the log file and determine problematic situations.