splScript Element

Contains the CDATA section that encapsulates the message filtering script written using Microsoft SIP Processing Language (MSPL).


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  • This element is required.

  • This element must be present at the end of an application manifest document.

  • For every application, the Microsoft SIP Processing Language (MSPL) script that is contained in this element processes the types of messages specified by the requestFilter element. For some scenarios, the processing functionality provided by this script is all that is required, thus the script itself constitutes the full application. In other scenarios, the script might or might not be used to perform some processing before calling the MSPL Dispatch function to dispatch the message to a managed code component.

  • The namespace prefix "lc" in the preceding usage example is the default namespace prefix, but can be replaced with any string value that you assign to your namespace using the xmlns attribute of the applicationManifest element.

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