The ProxyRequest function proxies the current SIP request to the supplied URI.


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void ProxyRequest(
  string uri



The URI to proxy the request message to. If this value is an empty string (""), the message will be proxied to the URI specified in the request itself.


If the request has a strict route (the "Route" header is present and populated), you must only pass the empty string as a parameter. Alternate destinations are not allowed in this case.

This function will raise a critical MSPL error if the current message is not a SIP request (see the description of the sipRequest built-in variable in MSPL Built-in Variables).

Calling ProxyRequest(sipRequestUri) to change request-uri in effect marks the request as routed without providing a request target. Applications that do not have routing information for a request should not modify the request-uri. In general, we recommend that non-routing applications never change the request-uri.