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Forces the backend user database to clear itself and re-read all the user-related information stored in Active Directory.


Update-CsUserDatabase [-Fqdn <Fqdn>]


Parameter Required Type Description




Fully qualified domain name of the computer hosting the user database.

Detailed Description

The Microsoft Communications Server 2010 user database holds detailed information about such things as contacts, groups, and access permissions. As such, the database is required to periodically synch its contents with the information stored in Active Directory.

More often than not, the automatic synch between the user database and Active Directory will keep the information in the user database up-to-date. On the other hand, it’s always possible that a problem might occur that prevents this automatic synchronization from taking place. In a case such as that, you can use the Update-CsUserDatabase cmdlet to force the user database to refresh its contents by re-reading all the user information stored in Active Directory.

Return Types

Update-CsUserDatabase updates instances of the Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Xds.DisplayuserDatabase object.


-------------------------- Example 1 ------------------------

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The command shown in Example 1 forces all the user databases configured for use in your organization to connect to and return complete user information from Active Directory.

-------------------------- Example 2 ------------------------

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Update-CsUserDatabase -Fqdn atl-db-001.litwareinc.com

Example 2 shows how you can force a specific user database to re-read data from Active Directory; in this case, that’s the database located on the server atl-db-001.litwareinc.com.