Installing T-Mobile Communication Center on your PC

T-Mobile Communication Center is delivered with a CD package. To install T-Mobile Communication Center, follow the instructions below.

M          Important Note

You need administrator privileges to run the installer package

1.      Insert the CD with T-Mobile Communication Center in your PC. A screen is displayed that lets you choose to install the T-Mobile Communication Center.

2.      Language selection. Choose the preferred language version you want to use for T-Mobile Communication Center. Currently supported are English and German. Then click Install. Now the installer starts.

3.      On the Welcome screen, simply click Next.

4.      Mobile Operator selection.Choose the T-Mobile operator from the list that you are a subscriber to. Then click Next.

5.      License Agreement. Read and accept the License agreement by clicking Yes to continue the installation.

6.      Installation type. Choose the Typical or Expert installation. The Typical type of installation is for the normal user. The Expert type is for IT administrators who can create a re-distributable installer with custom options.

7.      Choose Destination Location. If you want to change the default installation folder, you can do that here. Otherwise, simply click Next.

8.      Select Program Folder (Expert installation type only). If you want to change the folder that T-Mobile Communication Center is being installed to, you can do that here. Otherwise, simply click Next.

9.      A Summary screen is now displayed that lists the options you have made so far. To continue and finalize installation, click Next.

The installer now copies all related files to the correct directories on the PC.

10.In the final screen, choose to have the T-Mobile Communication Center automatically started directly after installation or not, and click Finish to finalize the installation of T-Mobile Communication Center.

M          Important Note

If your PC should require a reboot after installation, reboot the PC and then double-click the Communication Center icon on the desktop to start T-Mobile Communication Center.


At the first start of the T-Mobile Communication Center you will be prompted to install a new modem. Please refer to section Installing GPRS/WLAN Cards for information on how to do this.

The installer creates

§         Email wizard

§         Communication Center

§         T-Mobile Web site

§         Uninstallation

§         Advanced Help

§         A shortcut in the Autorun section for the Update agent