This topic describes requirements and recommendations for deploying an application created with the Unified Communications Managed API version 1.0 SDK.

Deployment is the process by which you distribute a finished application or component to be installed on other computers. Deployment is a multi-stage process that starts when an application is created on a developer's computer and ends when it is installed and ready to run on a user's computer.

Requirements for Deploying an SDK Application

  • Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.

  • A separate computer with either Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with .NET Framework Version 2.0, or Microsoft Windows Server code name “Longhorn” with .NET Framework 2.0.

Recommendations for Deploying an SDK Application

  • Add the fully qualified domain name (FDQN) of the application server in the Microsoft Office Communications Server authorized hosts list.

  • Turn on server throttling.

  • If the application uses SipEndpoints, treat users as authenticated.

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Mutually Authenticated Transport Layer Security (MTLS) is recommended. If used, you must deploy root certificates and certificates on both Office Communications Server and the application server.

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