You can use Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 2.0 Core SDK to create a wide variety of applications. For information about types of applications, see Trusted Applications.

Contact center, Helpdesk, and Outbound campaigns

  • Route incoming communications to available agents with matching skills.

  • Use Enhanced Presence in Informal Agent switch-boarding (skills-based routing).

  • Create multimodal helpdesk scenarios, such as back-to-back user agent.

Notification Systems: Phone Alerts and IM Broadcast

  • Promptly react to change by fanning out alerts in a timely manner to a large number of targets or by reaching out to key stakeholders using the most appropriate modality.

Enterprise-wide Instant Messaging robots (IM Bots) and Interactive Voice Response systems

  • Create query-response bots for information access.

  • Create an interactive voice response (IVR) application to collect customer data.

  • Create a Music on Hold server.

  • Create a Personal Virtual Assistant.


  • Create a conference-bridging application.

  • Create an application that records conference calls to archive proceedings of the conference.

  • Schedule, retrieve, and manage conferences.


  • Create a Web client or emulate similar Office Communicator-like functionalities for Web conferencing, Presence, and contacts and group management.

  • Create a Web service, such as a Web conference scheduling service or third-party call controller application.

Test Frameworks

  • Test your application by using UCMA 2.0 Core SDK to emulate thousands of clients that simultaneously interact with your middle-tier application under application-specific performance and stress conditions.