Sample name: CallModalityAddition

Sample location: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2\UCMA SDK 2.0\UCMACore\Sample Applications\Collaboration\QuickStarts\CallModalityAddition


The application initializes the platform to start listening on behalf of a pair of users, and then places an instant message call between them. After the instant message call is established, the application reuses the existing conversation to send an audio/video call between the two users as part of the same dialog. After both calls are established, it prints log results to the console, and then exits, shutting down the platform normally.

This is a stand-alone application and only requires credentials to run.


  • Modality addition in a call and conversation

  • Basic call placement

  • Conversation reuse


  • Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

  • Two users capable of sending and receiving audio calls.

  • The credentials for each user, and a client capable of signing in to Office Communications Server.

  • A client signed in to Office Communications Server.

Running the Sample

  1. Replace the credentials in the variables at the beginning of the code sample with the credentials and server of the users from your Office Communications Server topology.

  2. Substitute the address of the called user in the code sample with the address of a valid, currently signed-in user capable of receiving audio calls.

  3. Open the project in Microsoft Visual Studio, and then press F5.