The CallStateChangedEventArgstype exposes the following members.


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Creates a new instance of the CallStateChangedEventArgs class.


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Error Obsolete.
Gets the exception related to the state change or null. If an exception is present, it may be used to distinguish reasons for state transitions. A value of null does not necessarily indicate success.
(Inherited from StateChangedEventArgs < (Of < ( T > ) > ) .)
IsMethodResult Obsolete.
Gets whether the results of the state change will also be reported directly to the application due to a method call. For example, an exception encountered by calling Invite would be reported both where Invite was called, and in the state change. An application written to handle errors when it makes method calls should only need to handle results reported in the state change only (IsMethodResult==false).
(Inherited from StateChangedEventArgs < (Of < ( T > ) > ) .)
Gets the SIP message received that caused a call state transition.
Gets the previous state for the object.
(Inherited from StateChangedEventArgs < (Of < ( T > ) > ) .)
Gets the new state for the object.
(Inherited from StateChangedEventArgs < (Of < ( T > ) > ) .)
Gets the transition reason for the Call state.

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