Assign password for UserGate statistics database access

UserGate Mail Server uses a special service called UserGate Mail Database Service to store server settings and user messages. The service is based on the PostgreSQL database management system. The default service installation folder is "%UserGate Mail%\pgsql.". The connection to the database can be established via localhost interface to TCP port 5432.

Fig. 2. Setting up database parameters

The UserGate Mail Server installer automatically creates three accounts (root, ugmailuser, and ugwmuser) for statistics database administration. Users login and password, as well as UserGate Mail Database Server address and port for the users are specified in files %UserGateMail%\pgsql\etc.

The UGMail database is created to store UserGate Mail Server settings. The database can be accessed under ugmailuser account. A separate database (ugwm) is created for the administration of UserGate Webmail. The database can be accessed under ugwmuser account. A user with root privileges utilizes UserGate Mail Service to create databases if they are not available when the mail server is launched.