Quick Setup

1. Open the administrator console and connect to the server.

2. Go to Server Settings - domains, right-click on an empty area and select "Add domain."

3. Specify domain settings, full domain name (e.g. esafeline.net), domain alias and signature (e.g. your company signature) if required and save changes.

4. Add several user accounts. Go to domain Settings - local accounts. Specify names that will be used in mail addresses before the @ symbol and their passwords.

5. The quick setup is completed. Default spam protection includes a DNSBL spam blacklist (sorbs.net, spamhause.org). Antivirus modules and spam analysis modules (Commtouch module and free SpamAssassin module) are also running. So most spam messages will be stopped before they reach the destination mailboxes.

6. For remote access to your mailbox via web-interface, type the IP address of the computer with Mail Server and extension for port 5555 in your browser window: for example,

7. Setting up your mail client is a simple task. To set up POP3 and SMTP servers, specify the IP address of the computer with UserGate Mail Server (e.g. like in the example above), account name and password. If your account name is testuser and the domain name is esafeline.net, the user name may be specified with the @ symbol and the domain name (testuser@esafeline.net) or without them (testuser).