Relay parameters

The mail server administrator may allow or deny certain types of mail processing for particular a IP addresses or a range of addresses. The relay settings should specify:

In relay options, you can allow mail relay within your mail domain (Local - Local), sending mail to remote domains from your local domain (Local - Remote) and receipt of mail addressed to your domain from remote domains (Remote - Local).

If the Remote - Remote option is enabled, your UserGate Mail Server will be used as a relay server. We strongly recommend you do not enable this option because open relays are invalid configurations for mail servers according to the Internet Society. Never enable this option if the server can be accessed from the Internet.

Caution: Do not enable Remote - Remote option for the entire IP range if your server works with remote mail servers. This will make your server an open relay.

Policies in Relay Settings will be processed according to the set priorities.

Fig. 3. Setting Relay Permissions