Provisioning the Lync Room System Account On-Premises

Provisioning Exchange Resource Mailbox Account

This section provides an overview of the steps for provisioning the LRS account on Exchange Server and Lync Server.

If you already have a resource mailbox account for the conferencing room, you can use this account. Otherwise, you will need to create a new one. You can use either Exchange Management Shell (PowerShell) or Exchange Management Console to create a new resource mailbox account.

To create a new resource mailbox account:

  1. Run the following cmdlet:

New-Mailbox –Name ‘LRS-01’ –Alias ‘LRS01’ –UserPrincipalName ‘’ –SamAccountName ‘LRS01’ –FirstName ‘LRS01’ –Initials ‘’ –LastName ‘’ –Room

  1. Optional: Configure the account to automatically resolve conflicts by accepting/rejecting meetings. LRS-equipped conference room accounts in Exchange can be managed by individuals, but note that until that individual accepts a meeting it will not appear on the LRS home screen calendar.

Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity LRS01 -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept

  1. Make sure that the following flag is not set; otherwise, the LRS calendar won’t correctly display the subject:

Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity LRS01 -AddOrganizerToSubject $false

  1. Make sure that the following flag is not set; otherwise, private meeting subjects are displayed on the LRS client.

Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity LRS01 -RemovePrivateProperty $false  

  1. Optional: To remind meeting organizers to make the meeting an online Lync Meeting in Outlook, run the following cmdlet to set up a MailTip for the new account:

Set-Mailbox -Identity -MailTip "This room is equipped with Lync Meeting Room (LRS), please make it a Lync Meeting to take advantage of the enhanced meeting experience from LRS”

  1. Use the following cmdlets to configure localized strings. If required by your organization, you can also add custom translations.

$Temp = Get-Mailbox  LRS01@

$Temp.MailTipTranslations +="ES:Spanish translation of the message"

Set-Mailbox -Identity -MailTipTranslations $Temp.MailTipTranslations

  1. Optional: Configure meeting acceptance text that provides users with information about Lync Meeting Room, and what to expect when they schedule and join meetings.  

Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity LRS01 –AddAdditionalResponse $TRUE –AdditionalResponse “This is the Additional Response Text”

The following is an example:

Надпись: Your request was accepted.  _____  If your meeting request was declined: please disregard the rest of this message. It’s intended to help with using the technology in this conference room. If your meeting request was accepted: Congratulations, you have scheduled a meeting with a Lync Room System meeting room! Lync Meeting Room (LRS) is a combination of software and hardware that enables rich meeting scenarios, including video conferencing, white boarding, PowerPoint sharing, and more. We are excited to have you try LRS, and we would love to hear your feedback! Key Scenarios: Join Meeting If you're reading this mail, you've already scheduled a meeting. Just touch the Join button on your scheduled meeting to join it. Don’t see a join button? Make your meeting an online meeting in Outlook: Launch Whiteboard You can start whiteboarding, and then invite participants to share the whiteboard. You can also start whiteboarding from within a meeting. PowerPoint Sharing You can share your PPT slides with the room. To do this, upload the PPT file into the meeting from your machine (just as in Lync). From the room, you can then watch the PPT presentation, or take control and present. Display Modes Try using different display modes to see which one best fits your meeting. If you run into any issues or have any questions, ideas, or feedback for the feature team, please contact us: Thanks! Frequently Asked Questions: Q: I see my meeting in the room’s calendar but there is no Join button A: Make sure that your meeting is an Online Meeting (Lync Meeting) in Outlook.