Coexisting with Previous Versions

Understanding Active Directory Connector

ADC provides a method for replicating a Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5 directory with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Active Directory. You can perform replication in either direction, depending on how you configure the Connection Agreement.

There are two versions of ADC. One version is included with Windows 2000 and the other is included with Exchange 2000. You should consider which version to use when managing ADC and coexistence with previous versions.

Important   When setting up Connection Agreements, the Exchange 5.5 bridgehead server must be running Exchange version 5.5 Service Pack 1 (SP1) (SP3 recommended).

Use ADC to:


Use the Active Directory Users and Computers console to manage users, groups, and contacts within Active Directory. When you perform directory replication from Windows to Exchange, the selected Active Directory objects are added to the Exchange directory.

Use the Exchange Administrator program to manage mailboxes, custom recipients, and distribution lists within the Exchange directory. When you perform directory replication from Exchange to Windows, the selected Exchange objects are added to Active Directory.

Verifying Successful Replication

It is very important to ensure that directory replication is successful. After the replication from Exchange to Windows takes place, verify that the replication was successful by examining the Active Directory objects in Active Directory Users and Computers. After the replication from Windows to Exchange has taken place, verify that the replication was successful by examining the Exchange Directory objects in Exchange Administrator.

You can also verify replication using the Windows 2000 Event Viewer. You choose which replication events to log from the Active Directory Connector console.

This section contains the following topics:

For more information about Active Directory Connector, coexistence, and upgrading, see Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Planning and Installation.