Hosting Chat Communities


Chat Service supports user and channel modes, as well as a special mode for querying the server about IRCX status. For a basic description of the IRC Mode command, see RFC 1459.


The Mode command supports three different syntaxes for the new modes, as follows:

Mode NickName { + | - } z

Mode ChannelName { + | - } { o | q } NickName



NickName The nickname of the user.
ChannelName   The name of the channel.
z "Gag" mode (z) is a user mode which prevents a user's messages from appearing in any channels on any linked servers. Users on whom gag mode has been imposed are unaware of the restriction.
Gag mode remains in force for the duration of the user session.

Note   Only sysops can use gag mode.

o The o mode, which represented the channel operator in IRC, represents the channel host in IRCX. Only a channel host can give host privileges to another member of his channel, but any host can remove the mode from himself.

Note   The o mode on an IRC client still represents the channel operator.

q The q or owner mode indicates that the user is the owner of the channel, which is a new administrative level in IRCX. Only a channel owner can give owner privileges to another member of the channel, but any owner can remove the mode from herself. Within a channel, hosts and owners have the same privileges with one important distinction: An owner can remove a host from a channel, but a host cannot remove an owner.
ISIRCX   This command queries whether the chat server supports the IRC extended protocol (IRCX). You must capitalize ISIRCX, and you must issue the command before the client registers. After registration, the chat server attempts to interpret "ISIRCX" as a nickname.

Note   For information on the message returned to the Mode ISIRCX query by IRCX servers, see the Isircx command.

  After you find out that the chat server supports IRCX, you can use the Ircx command to inform the server that the client supports IRCX, and that the IRCX mode should be turned on. Once the client has turned on the IRCX mode for that session, there is no way to turn it off.


mode ill-tempered +z
     Gags the user whose nickname is Ill-Tempered.
mode #mychannel +o piper
     Makes the user nicknamed Piper the host of #MyChannel.
mode #mychannel -q piper  
     Revokes Piper's status as owner of #MyChannel.
     Queries whether the server supports the IRC Extended protocol (IRCX).