Supporting Messaging Clients

Compatibility with Windows 2000 Server

All management of POP3 user mailboxes is performed within Active Directory. In previous versions, Exchange used its own database to hold directory information, and recipients were managed within Exchange Administrator. In Windows 2000, the directory database the operating system provides is now capable of holding all messaging directory data. Because a separate directory for Exchange is no longer necessary, all manipulation of mailboxes is coordinated within Active Directory Users and Computers. After installing System Manager on the Windows 2000 computer, a set of extensions is added to the standard Active Directory console. This allows for the creation of an Exchange mailbox when a new user account is defined in Active Directory Users and Computers.

Only users with Windows 2000 accounts can be mailbox-enabled to send and receive mail. If an account is mail-enabled but not mailbox-enabled, users can only send mail. Mailbox-enabled users can also receive mail and have additional settings to configure.