Supporting Messaging Clients

Command Scripts

NNTP Service supports Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) for most NNTP commands. You can run these commands from a local or remote server. Use the -s option to run commands on the server that is running NNTP Service.

Scripts written in VBScript have the same functionality as the command-line utilities from earlier versions of NNTP Service. Windows Scripting Host, which is installed with Windows 2000, allows you to use VBScripts by clicking a script file on the Windows desktop or by typing the name of a script file at the command prompt.

Although you can run Windows Scripting Host from the Windows-based host (Wscript.exe) or from the command shell-based host (Cscript.exe), Cscript.exe is the recommended method. It is easier to specify the required options for NNTP Service from the command line. To run Windows Scripting Host from the command line, type cscript.exe at the command prompt.

Important   You must specify the full file name (including the .vbs extension) when you run the scripts.

The following VBScripts are available:

In MS-DOS, when command scripts fail, error messages are generated and returned. These codes are listed in Command Line Return Codes.