Migrating to Exchange

What is Migrated from Internet Messaging Systems

Migration Wizard migrates messages with the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) source extractor.

You can use Migration Wizard to extract the following data from an IMAP-based messaging system:

Item In Exchange
IMAP4-compliant mail messages MAPI or HTML messages (for Web-based clients).
Attachments Remain as is.
Calendar information Plain text message.
Encrypted messages Encrypted messages. Users must move their private keys and certificates to Outlook to use it to read migrated encrypted mail. Alternatively, users can reconfigure the IMAP client that contains their certificates and keys so they can read the encrypted mail from their Exchange mailboxes.

Note   Messages sent from any IMAP client before the migration process cannot be sent again by Outlook. Users can, however, attach a migrated message to a new mail message and distribute it to the original recipients.