Migrating to Exchange

Formatting the Migration Files

The packing list, and primary and secondary files share some common formatting rules, which can help you quickly parse migration files. The packing list and primary files use comma-separated value (CSV) format. The secondary files use CSV format for header information, but the raw data is in its own format. All files must be in the same directory as the packing list file.

Note   Names of secondary files cannot contain any of the following characters: # ( ) ; , \ / : * ? " < > |

Filename Extensions

You should use the file extension .pkl for packing list files, .pri for primary files, and .sec for secondary files. If you have multiple primary or secondary files, give similar root names to similar files. For example, you could use the names of postoffices or servers, appended with numbers.

Review the following sections to understand how your source extractor should format the migration files:

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