Migrating to Exchange

Creating a User List File for Internet Messaging Systems

The recommended process for migrating from Internet messaging systems to Exchange is to first create a user list file, called Imapusr.csv, using the LDAP source extractor (the Internet Directory component of Migration Wizard). Then the IMAP source extractor (the Internet Mail component of Migration Wizard) can use the user list file to migrate messages.

You can also create your own user list file. The user list file is a text file delimited by commas that must contain the following fields in order:


The following table describes each field.

Active Directory Attribute IMAP Mailbox Account Name
IMAP_Mailbox Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) mailbox account name.
SMTP_Address Exchange destination mailbox Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address.Optionally, you can provide the alias of the Exchange destination mailbox. If you don't add the destination mailbox alias, the wizard migrates the mail to the mailbox with the SMTP address you specify.
IMAP_Server IMAP server name.
Ex_Mailbox (optional) Exchange alias. If each user doesn't already have a mailbox in Exchange, the wizard creates one using the IMAP mailbox name and the SMTP address you specify.
IMAP_Port (optional) IMAP port.You can specify an alternate TCP/IP port for the migration wizard to use to bind to the IMAP server. The default IMAP port is 143. If you don't add the optional IMAP port field to the user list file, the wizard will try to connect through port 143.
IMAP_SSL (optional) You can specify whether to encrypt the transmission of each user's mailbox contents using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). By default, if the IMAP_SSL field is not in the user list file, and information is not transmitted using SSL.
  • Y, Yes, T, or True: Migration wizard uses SSL when transmitting the contents of that mailbox.
  • N, No, F, or False: Migration Wizard does not use SSL.

Note   If you receive errors during IMAP migration, check the user list file to verify that you have specified the correct IMAP mail server name and IMAP port number.

Sample User List File