Queue Viewer

SMTP System Queues

In an SMTP virtual server there are several types of system queues. These queues are always visible whenever you expand Nodes. The following table describes the function of the various types of system queues available on an SMTP virtual server:

System Queue Function
[Local domain name] (Local Delivery) Contains messages that are queued for local delivery on the Exchange server to an Exchange mailbox.
Messages awaiting directory lookup Contains messages to recipients who have not yet been resolved against the Active Directory. Messages are also held here while distribution lists are expanded.
Messages waiting to be routed Holds messages until their next-destination server is determined, and then moves them to their respective link queues.
Final destination currently unreachable The final destination server for these messages can't be reached. For example, Exchange can't determine a network path to the final destination.
Pre-submission Holds messages that have been acknowledged and accepted by the SMTP Service. The processing of these messages has not begun.