The Messagetype exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AllHeaders Collection that contains all of the headers for this message.
Public property AllStamps Returns all the stamps that are associated with the message.
Public property AuthenticationInfo Stack-specific authentication information.
Public property Content Message content parsed as a string.
Public property RawContent Raw message content.
Public property Received Indicates whether this message was received by the server (as opposed to having been created by the calling application).
Public property Stamp The Stampproperty contains the string that is used to stamp a message. Setting Stampmarks the message with the supplied string, which can then be read either by the application or downstream instances of the application.
Public property StampPool The StampPoolproperty specifies the name of the Enterprise Edition pool in which the last stamp for the application was set.
Public property TimeReceived The TimeReceivedproperty indicates the date and time (represented as a DateTimeobject) the message was received by the server.

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