The QueryHomeServerfunction returns the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the home server for a specified SIP user.


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string QueryHomeServer(
  string userAtHost,
  bool isPhone,
  ClusterType clusterType



A SIP user as a string of the form "someone@example.com" whose home server will be returned.


An optional Boolean flag indicating if the userAtHostparameter specifies a URI of a phone ( true ) or not ( false ). This parameter must be set if the clusterTypeparameter is specified.


An optional parameter specifying the type of a cluster being queried. The possible value is ClusterType.PrimaryRegistrar , ClusterType.BackupRegistratr or ClusterType.UserServices . If this is present, the isPhoneparameter must be set as well.

Return Values

Returns the FQDN of the Standard Edition home server or Enterprise Edition pool corresponding to the type of cluster queried. If clusterTypeis not specified, ClusterType.UserServices is the default.

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