5.2        Trunk Configuration

Navigation: Voice Routing -> Trunk Configuration

1.       Create a Pool Trunk by selecting New

2.       Select Service: Select the trunk to ISR you created in topology builder

3.       Set Maximum early dialogs supported: 20

4.       Set Encryption support level: Optional

5.       Set Refer Support: None

6.       Confirm Enable media bypass: is checked

7.       Confirm Centralized media processing: is checked

8.       Confirm Enable RTP latching: is unchecked

9.       Confirm Enable forward call history: is unchecked

10.   Confirm Enable forward P-Asserted-Identity data: is unchecked

11.   Confirm Enable outbound routing failover timer: is checked


Figure 6: Trunk Configuration -1

Figure 7: Trunk Configuration -2

Figure 8: Trunk Configuration -3

Figure 9: Called Number Translation Rule-Analog Phones