5.4        Voice Policy and PSTN Usage

Navigation: Voice Routing -> Voice Policy

1.       Create a User policy by selecting New

2.       Set Name: Enter a name for this Voice Policy

3.       Set Calling Features:

a.       Enable call forwarding                                    : Checked

b.      Enable delegation                                            : Checked

c.       Enable call transfer                                          : Checked

d.      Enable call park                                                 : Checked

e.      Enable simultaneous ringing of phones  : Checked

f.        Enable team call                                               : Checked

g.       Enable PSTN reroute                                      : Checked

h.      Enable bandwidth policy override            : Unchecked

i.         Enable malicious call tracing                         : Unchecked

4.       Set Associated PSTN Usages:

a.       Select New to create a new PSTN Usage

b.      Set Name: Enter a name for this PSTN Usage

c.       Set Associated Routes: Select the route you created under Voice Routing -> Route

Figure 11: Voice Policy -1


Figure 12: Voice Policy -2

Figure 13: PSTN Usage