This topic provides information about how to create a comma-separated value (CSV) file list of mailboxes to be migrated.

Before You Begin

For each account or mailbox that you will migrate, identify the values that are listed in the following table.

Value Description


E-mail name of the source account that is used to identify the mailbox that is moving. This is in the form of a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address


The name of the source server.


The login ID of the source account.


The user password of the source account.


The e-mail name of a target account. This is only required when the source and target e-mail names are different. Use this value when you change e-mail account names.


You can use Microsoft Excel to create a CSV file text list of the mailboxes to be migrated.

To create a CSV text list by using Excel

  1. Open a blank Excel worksheet. In the worksheet, create five columns with the following values:

    • SourceIdentity

    • Sourceserver

    • SourceLoginID

    • SourcePassword

    • TargetIdentity

  2. Add the appropriate account information for each mailbox to be migrated to the columns that you created. The following table shows you an example of a mailbox information list.

    SourceIdentity Sourceserver SourceLoginID SourcePassword TargetIdentity







  3. After you have entered the account information for each mailbox that you are migrating, on the File menu, click Save As, provide a file name, and select CSV (Comma delimited) from the Save as type drop-down list.

  4. Click Save.

After you save the CSV file, each value in the mailbox list will be separated by a comma, as shown in the following example: