6         Lync Server Configuration

6.1        Add Avaya Session Manager to Lync Topology

Lync recognizes Avaya Session Manager as a PSTN gateway connected by SIP.  So we need to add Avaya Session Manager to the Lync topology by adding it as a PSTN gateway. 

1.       To add a PSTN gateway to the Lync topology, run Lync Server Topology Builder as a user in the CSAdministrator group. Then add the Avaya Session Manager to the PSTN gateway topology

Figure 40: Configure PSTN Gateway -1








2.       Set FQDN: This is the IP Address or FQDN of the Avaya Session Manager

Figure 41: Configure PSTN Gateway-2

Figure 42: Configure PSTN Gateway -3













3.       Set Trunk Name: This is the FQDN of the Avaya Session Manager

4.       Set Listening port for IP/PSTN gateway: This Listening port should match the Port setting in the Session Manager’s Entity Link.

5.       Set SIP Transport Protocol: TCP

6.       Set Associate Mediation Server: Assign this PSTN gateway to the Mediation Server. Medpool.lynclabkm2013.local is used here for example.

Figure 43: Configure PSTN Gateway -4









7.       Publish topology to make the changes effective, refer to below scree capture for the process.


Figure 44: Publish Topology