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Active Directory

Monitor Active Directory for user account changes

Click this option to activate Active Directory monitoring.

Use Active Directory domain names when creating accounts

Use this option if you would like new accounts created as a result of Active Directory monitoring to be added to the domain found within the account's "UserPrincipalName" Active Directory attribute. When using this option, if an account requires a domain that doesn't yet exist within MDaemon, a new Extra Domain will be created automatically. Clear/disable this option if you would like all new accounts to be added to MDaemon's Default Domain.

Windows domain for dynamic authentication

Specify a Windows domain name here if you wish to use Dynamic Authentication for accounts created by Active Directory monitoring. If you leave this field blank then new accounts will be assigned random passwords. You will then have to edit those passwords manually in order for the accounts to be accessed.

Query Active Directory for new data every [XX] seconds

This is the interval at which MDaemon will monitor Active Directory for changes.

When accounts are deleted in Active Directory:

The option selected below determines the action MDaemon will take when an MDaemon account's associated Active Directory account is deleted. nothing

Choose this option if you do not wish MDaemon to make any changes to an MDaemon account when its associated account is deleted from Active Directory.

...delete them from MDaemon

Choosing this option will cause the MDaemon account to be deleted when its associated account is deleted from Active Directory.

This will cause the associated MDaemon account to be completely removed. All of the account's messages, message folders, address books, calendars, and so on will be deleted.

...disable the account

When this option is selected and an Active Directory account is deleted, its corresponding MDaemon account will be disabled. This means that the MDaemon account will still exist on the server, but it cannot send or receive email or be accessed by anyone.

...freeze the account

When this option is selected MDaemon will still accept the account's incoming mail but effectively "lock" it so that it cannot be accessed. In other words, incoming mail addressed to that account will not be rejected or deleted by MDaemon but the account holder will not be able to collect or access that mail as long is the account is frozen.

Freeze disabled accounts

By default, when you disable an account in Active Directory, MDaemon will also disable the associated account in MDaemon. This makes the account inaccessible and MDaemon will neither accept nor deliver messages for it. However, if you prefer to have the associated MDaemon account frozen instead of disabled, click/enable this option. MDaemon will still accept messages for frozen accounts, but users will not be able to access those accounts to collect or send their email.

Verbose AD logging

By default MDaemon will use verbose logging for Active Directory. Clear this checkbox if you wish to use less extensive AD logging.

Perform full AD scan now

Click this button to cause MDaemon to query the Active Directory database and then create, edit, or delete accounts as necessary. When an Active Directory account is found that matches an already existing MDaemon account, the MDaemon account will be linked to it.