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This account is a Global Administrator

Enable this checkbox to grant the user server-level administrative access. Global Administrators have:

· Full access to server configuration, all users, and all domains via WebAdmin
· Access to all MDaemon users of all MDaemon domains as Instant Messaging buddies.
· The ability to post to all mailing lists even if flagged as "Read Only".
· The ability to post to all mailing lists even if not a member.

The user will have complete access to MDaemon's files and options. For a discussion on the administrative options within WebAdmin, see the WebAdmin section.

This account is a Domain Administrator

Click this checkbox to designate the user as a Domain Administrator. Domain Administrators are similar to Global Administrators except that their administrative access is limited to the domain to which they belong. For more information on Domain Administrators see the WebAdmin section.

Account is private

MDaemon automatically creates and maintains an "everyone@" mailing list for each domain, which can be used to send a message to everyone at once. By default MDaemon will include all accounts when it constructs this list. Check this box if you wish to exclude this account from that list. This will also hide the account from shared calendars and VRFY results.

Allow changes to account settings via email messages

When this option is enabled, the user will have access to account-related commands that can be included in specially formatted email messages sent to the server. This feature allows the user to perform common account maintenance tasks such as changing his name, password, forwarding options, and so on. For a complete discussion on remote account manipulation via email messages, see: Remote Server Control Via Email.

Account can modify the public address book

Click this option if you want the account to be able to add and delete entries from the WorldClient or LDAP-based public address books.

If the Account is synchronizing folders with ComAgent then modifications could be propagated to all users. Exercise caution when enabling this feature.

Automatically accept meeting requests and process cancellations

Click this checkbox if you wish to cause automatic processing of meeting requests, changes, and cancellations for this account. When the account receives a message that contains a meeting request, the account’s calendar will be updated automatically. This option is disabled for all accounts by default.

Use default and white listed contacts as Spam Filter white list

The Spam Filter's White List (automatic) screen contains a global option that can be used to cause Spam Filter processing to be skipped when the sender of a message is found in the local recipient's default contacts folder or its personal white list folder. This option controls that feature for this account. If you have enabled the Spam Filter's global option but do not wish to apply it to this account, clear this check box.

Note: Keeping your contacts updated and synchronized with WorldClient, the Windows Address Book, and other MAPI mail clients that use the Windows Address Book can be easily done using ComAgent.

Update white listed contacts with mail recipients

Click this option if you wish to update this account's white list folder each time it sends an outgoing message to a non-local email addresses. When used in conjunction with the option above to Use default and white listed contacts as Spam Filter white list, the number of Spam Filter false positives can be drastically reduced. The Automatically update white listed contacts option located on the White List (automatic) screen must be enabled before you can use this feature.

Note: This option is disabled when the account is using an auto-responder.

Remove contacts which are missing name or phone data

Click this button if you wish to remove every contact that contains only an email address from the account's default Contacts folder. If a contact doesn't have at least a name or phone data it will be removed. The option is primarily to help those who have been using MDaemon's automatic white listing option prior to version 11 purge contacts that were added purely as a function of the white list feature. In previous versions of MDaemon the addresses were added to the main contacts instead of to a dedicated white list folder. This could result in the account having many entries in the contacts folder that the user would rather not have there.

Consider this option carefully before using it, because contacts containing only an email address could still be legitimate.

Show me all mailing lists that have this account as a member

Click this button to open a list of all Mailing Lists that have this account as a member.