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AV Updater

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Use the controls on this tab to manually or automatically update SecurityPlus for MDaemon's virus definitions. There is a scheduler for automatic updating, a report viewer so that you can review when and which updates have been downloaded, and a test feature used for confirming that you your virus scanning is working properly.

AntiVirus Scanner Info

This section tells you whether SecurityPlus for MDaemon is installed and, if so, what version you are running. It also lists the date of your last virus definition update.

AntiVirus Updater Configuration

Activate urgent updates

Click this checkbox to activate the urgent updates feature. With this feature enabled, SecurityPlus will immediately connect to the update location and download the high-priority update whenever MDaemon receives an "Urgent Update" message. To receive these messages you must first subscribe to the "Urgent Updates" feature. See the Subscribe option below.


This button opens your default browser to Alt-N Technologies' Urgent Updates subscription page. On that page enter your domain name to subscribe your domain to the Urgent Updates mailing list. Whenever there is an urgent update to SecurityPlus for MDaemon's virus definitions, an email will be dispatched to the domain. When MDaemon receives the message, SecurityPlus will be updated immediately.

Update AV signatures now

Click this button to update the virus definitions manually. The updater will connect immediately after the button is pressed.

Configure updater

Click this button to open the Updater Configuration dialog. This dialog contains four tabs: Update URLs, Connection, Proxy, and Misc.

View update report

The SecurityPlus Log Viewer is opened by clicking the View update report button. The viewer lists the times, actions taken, and other information about each update.


Click this button to open MDaemon's Event Scheduler to the AntiVirus Updates screen, used for scheduling checks for virus signature updates at specific times on specific days or at regular intervals. There is also an Activate urgent updates option on that screen that can be used to activate or deactivate Automatic Urgent Updates. That option is the same as the control of the same name described above.

AntiVirus Test

Send EICAR Test Virus in Email to Postmaster

Click this button to send a test message to the postmaster, with the EICAR virus file attached. This attachment is harmless – it is merely used to test SecurityPlus for MDaemon. By watching the Content Filter's log window on MDaemon's main interface you can see what MDaemon does with this message when it is received. For example, depending upon your settings, you might see a log excerpt that looks something like the following:

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:49: Processing C:\MDAEMON\LOCALQ\md75000001128.msg

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:49: > (C:\MDaemon\CFilter\TEMP\cf1772420862.att)

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:49: > Message from:

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:49: > Message to:

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:49: > Message subject: EICAR Test Message

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:49: > Message ID: <>

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:49: Performing viral scan...

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:50: > is infected by EICAR-Test-File

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:50: > was removed from message

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:50: > quarantined to C:\MDAEMON\CFILTER\QUARANT\

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:50: > Total attachments scanned    : 1 (including multipart/alternatives)

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:50: > Total attachments infected   : 1

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:50: > Total attachments disinfected: 0

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:50: > Total attachments removed    : 1

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:50: > Total errors while scanning  : 0

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:50: > Virus notification sent to (sender)

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:50: > Virus notification sent to (recipient)

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:50: > Virus notification sent to (admin)

Mon 2008-02-25 18:14:50: > Virus notification sent to (admin)

Mon 2002-02-25 18:14:50: Processing complete (matched 0 of 12 active rules)