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Updater Configuration Dialog

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Click the Configure updater button on the AV Updater tab to open the Updater Configuration dialog. It contains the following four tabs:

Update URLs

The Update URLs tab is used to designate the servers that SecurityPlus for MDaemon will check for updates. You can choose to let SecurityPlus manage these URLs automatically or manually enter them yourself.


The Connection tab is used to designate the Internet Connection Profile that you wish SecurityPlus to use when connecting to the update sites. The "Use Internet Settings from Control Panel" option uses your default Internet settings. The "Setup Internet settings manually" option and subsequent controls can be used to manually choose a Connection Profile and designate its user name and password settings.


The Proxy tab contains options for configuring any HTTP or FTP proxy settings that your current network configuration may require in order to connect to the update sites.


The Misc tab contains options governing updater logging. You can choose to log updater actions in a log file, and you can specify a maximum size for the file.