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Auto responders are useful tools for causing incoming email messages to trigger certain events automatically, such as running a program, adding the sender to a mailing list, responding with an automatically generated message, and more. The most common use of auto responders is to reply to incoming messages automatically with a user-defined message stating that the recipient is on vacation, is unavailable, will reply as soon as possible, or the like. MDaemon users with Web Access to WorldClient or WebAdmin can use the options provided to compose auto response messages for themselves and schedule the dates they will be in use. Finally, automated response messages are based on response scripts (*.RSP files), which support a large number of macros. These macros can be used to cause much of the script's content to be generated dynamically, making auto responders quite versatile.

Auto response events are always honored when the triggering message is from a remote source. However, for messages originating locally, auto responders will only be triggered if you enable the Auto responders are triggered by intra-domain mail option, located on the Auto Responders » Options screen. You can also use an option on that screen to limit auto response messages to one response per sender per day.

Account List

This area lists all available local mailboxes that can host an auto responder. Double-click an account in this list to open its corresponding Auto-Responder screen, which is used to configure an auto responder for that account.