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Auto responders are triggered by intra-domain mail

By default, both local and remote mail will trigger auto responders. Clear this box if you do not wish mail that is sent from one local MDaemon domain to another to trigger them.

Limit auto responses to one per day per recipient

By default, auto responders will only generate one response message per day for any given address. This prevents people from receiving the same redundant auto response message from you over and over again on the same day, every time they you an email. Clear this box if you wish to send auto response messages each time someone sends you a message, even if they have already received one that day.

This option also helps to prevent message loops, which can occur when your auto response message is returned to an address that also has an auto responder active. Instead of allowing both addresses to send auto response messages constantly back and forth to each other, this option would allow only one message to be sent to that address per day.