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Host & Options

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DomainPOP Host Properties

Enable DomainPOP mail collection engine

If selected, MDaemon will use the setting provided on this screen to collect mail from a DomainPOP mail host for local redistribution.

Host name or IP

Enter your DomainPOP host's domain name or IP address here.

Extra hosts

Click this button to open the DpopXtra.dat file, on which you can designate extra hosts from which to collect DomainPOP mail. See the contents of that file for more information.

Logon name

Enter your login of the POP account used by DomainPOP.


Enter the POP or APOP account's password here.


Click this box if you wish to use the APOP command and CRAM-MD5 authentication when retrieving your mail. This makes it possible to authenticate yourself without having to send clear text passwords.

Message Collection

Leave messages on the DomainPOP host(s)

If selected, MDaemon will download but not remove the messages from your DomainPOP mail host.

...until they are this many days old (0=never delete)

This is the number of days that a message can remain on the DomainPOP host before it will be deleted. Use “0” if you do not wish to delete older messages.

Some hosts may limit the amount time that you are allowed to store messages in your mailbox.

Don't download messages larger than [XX] KB (0 = no limit)

Messages greater than or equal to this size will not be downloaded from your DomainPOP mail host.  Enter "0" if you want MDaemon to download messages no matter the size.

Delete large messages from DomainPOP and MultiPOP hosts

Enable this option and MDaemon will delete messages that exceed the size designated above. The messages will simply be removed from the DomainPOP and MultiPOP mail hosts and will not be downloaded.

Warn postmaster about large DomainPOP messages

Check this option and MDaemon will send a warning to the postmaster whenever a large message is discovered in the DomainPOP mailbox.

Download small messages before large ones

Enable this checkbox if you want the message downloading order to be based on size — beginning with the smallest and proceeding to the largest.

This option retrieves smaller messages quicker but requires a larger amount of internal sorting and processing.

Over Quota Check

Warn account holder and delete over quota message

When this option is chosen and a message is collected for an account that is over its quota (designated on the Quotas screen of the account editor), MDaemon will delete the message and then send a message to the account holder stating that the account is over its limit.

Warn account holder and forward over quota message to Postmaster

When this option is chosen and a message is collected for an account that is over its quota, MDaemon will forward the message to the Postmaster and send a warning to the user letting him or her know that the account is over its limit.