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Domain Gateways

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The Gateway Editor is an MDaemon PRO feature and is reached from the Gateways » New Gateway... or Gateways » Edit Gateway... menu selection. This feature provides a limited yet useful secondary level of support for hosting multiple domains or acting as a backup mail server for someone.

For example:

Suppose you wish to act as a backup server or mail-drop for a third party, receiving its incoming email and storing it in a folder on your server, but you do not wish to host its domain fully, maintaining its individual user accounts. Let's use "" as its name.

The first thing you will do is enter "" in the Domain name option on the Domain screen. Then, you will select the storage folder where incoming mail will be stored for the domain. All mail that MDaemon receives for that domain will be separated from the main mail stream and placed in that folder, regardless of the specific individuals to which each message is addressed.

Next, you will designate the collection or delivery methods that you wish to allow or use to get the domain's email to its actual email server, where its user accounts are hosted. There are three ways to do this: use the Deliver stored messages each time MDaemon processes remote mail option on the Domain screen, use the Dequeuing options, or set up an account for the domain on the Account screen.

Finally, you will likely have to edit the DNS settings for so that your MDaemon server is a designated MX host for that domain.

There are many other features and options available to gateways, but the above example is the basic form that a typical gateway will take. If, however, you require an atypical configuration then you may have to do some things differently, such as when you wish to use a domain name that doesn't actually exist on the Internet, like "company.mail." Receiving messages for an otherwise invalid domain name such as that is possible, but the domain name must be "hidden" inside a Default Domain address. Using that method, addresses can be constructed that will pass through the default domain and on to the gateway. For example, if your default domain is and you have a gateway for company.mail, then someone could send a message to "bob@company.mail" by using the address, "bob{company.mail}" Since "" is the registered domain hosted by MDaemon, this message would be delivered properly, but when MDaemon received the message in that format it would convert the address to "bob@company.mail" and deliver the message to the folder specified for that gateway. Of course the simplest method is still to register a valid domain name for the gateway and then point its DNS or MX record to