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LDAP/Address Book Options

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MDaemon supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) functionality. Click "Setup » Default Domain/Servers » LDAP" to reach the LDAP screen used for configuring MDaemon to keep your LDAP server up to date on all of its user accounts. MDaemon can maintain an accurate and continuously up to date LDAP database of users by communicating with your LDAP server each time an MDaemon account is added or removed. This makes it possible for users with mail clients that support LDAP to "share" a global address book that will contain entries for all of your MDaemon users as well as any other contacts that you include.

You can also use your LDAP server as the MDaemon user database rather than its local USERLIST.DAT system or an ODBC compliant database. You might want to use this method of maintaining your user information if you have multiple MDaemon servers at different locations but want them to share a single user database. Each MDaemon server would be configured to connect to the same LDAP server in order to share user information rather than storing it locally.