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Windows Address Book

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MDaemon has the ability to automatically keep a Windows Address Book file (*.wab) or Microsoft Outlook Contact Store current with each account's full name and email address. This is desirable for those who wish to share an address book amongst users of products like Outlook, but do not wish to use an LDAP server or ComAgent for that purpose.

Windows Address Book (WAB)

Mirror email addresses and full names to Windows Address Book

Enable this checkbox if you want your users' names and email addresses to be mirrored to a *.wab file or the Microsoft Outlook Contact Store. In the Windows Address Book, on the ToolsàOptions menu, you can configure whether or not your Windows Address Book will share contact information between Outlook and other applications by storing data in the Microsoft Outlook Contact Store or an address book (*.wab) file.

Use this specific WAB file

Specify the path to the *.wab file in which you wish to mirror your user information. If you leave this control empty then MDaemon will use the shared contacts store within the default Windows Address Book.