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Mailing Lists

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Mailing Lists, sometimes called Email Groups or Distribution Lists, allow groups of users to be addressed as if they all shared a common mailbox. Copies of email messages sent to the list are distributed to each of the list's members. Lists may contain members with local and/or remote destination addresses, be public or private, moderated or open, be sent in Digest or normal message format, and more.

Mailing List Editor

The Mailing List Editor is used to create and maintain Mailing Lists and can be reached from the Lists » New List... or Lists » Edit List... menu selection. It includes the following eleven screens:


Creating a New Mailing List

When the Lists » New List... menu selection is chosen, the Mailing List Editor will be opened for creating the new list. Naming the list and designating the domain to which it will belong are the only required parameters for creating it. All other options will contain default settings. You can change these settings while creating the list or you can change them later by editing it.

Modifying an Existing Mailing List

Click the Lists » Edit List... menu selection to open the Select Mailing List dialog. When a list is selected from this dialog it will be opened in the Mailing List Editor for editing or review.