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Post Connection Process

Once connected, run this process

If a program is specified here, MDaemon will spawn a thread and execute the process. This is useful for those who require Finger or some other program to unlock the ISP's mailbox.

Pause server for xx seconds (-1 = infinite, 0=no waiting)

If the Once Connected, Run This Process control contains a valid entry then the server will pause its operations for the number of minutes specified here while it waits for the executing process to return. Entering "-1" will cause the server to wait indefinitely for the process to return.

Force process to shutdown after pause interval has elapsed

Sometimes the program you need to run may not exit once it has run its course; some programs require user intervention in order to close them down. This is not acceptable when the software must run unattended. If this switch is selected MDaemon will force the process thread to terminate once the number of seconds specified in Pause Server For XX Seconds has elapsed. This function does not work when the server is configured to wait indefinitely for the process to return.