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Windows Service

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Windows Service

When MDaemon is running as a service, the service's name is "MDaemon."


Use this option to designate any services what you wish to require to be running before the MDaemon service starts.

Start service

This is the initial state of the service: automatically starts, must be started manually, or disabled.

Install/Remove service

Click this button to install or remove the MDaemon service.

Network Resource Access

When running MDaemon as a Windows service, by default it runs under the SYSTEM account. Because this account does not have access to network devices, MDaemon will not be able to access mail if you wish to store it on other computers across your LAN. That is, not unless you provide logon credentials for an account that can be used to provide the MDaemon service access to network shares. If you need to do this then you can create a Windows user account specifically designed for running MDaemon with whatever restrictions that you desire, but which has access to those network shares that you want MDaemon to be able to use. Further, all applications launched by MDaemon will use the same credentials.

Logon name

This is the logon name of the Windows account under which the MDaemon service should run.


This is the Windows account's password.


This is the Windows Domain on which the account resides. Leave this field blank to login to the default domain.