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Alt-N Technologies' RelayFax Server is an email to fax and fax to email gateway that can be seamlessly integrated with WorldClient in order to provide its services to your users. When this functionality is enabled, WorldClient users will be given access to various features that will enable them to compose and send faxes via the WorldClient client pages. For more information, visit the RelayFax section of

RelayFax Integration Options

Allow WorldClient users to compose and send faxes thru RelayFax

Click this option to integrate RelayFax with WorldClient. When active it will cause a "Compose Fax" control and other fax related features to appear on the WorldClient pages.

Use SMTP to deliver faxes to RelayFax

RelayFax monitors a specific mailbox for incoming messages that are to be faxed. Click this option and MDaemon will use the normal SMTP email delivery process to send these messages to that mailbox's address. This option is useful when RelayFax is monitoring a mailbox located somewhere other than your local network. If RelayFax resides on your network you may choose to have MDaemon deliver the messages directly to RelayFax's message queue and thus bypass the SMTP delivery process altogether. For more information on this method, see Directly deliver faxes into RelayFax's incoming fax queue below.

RelayFax server's email address

Specify the email address to which you want messages intended for faxing to be delivered. This value must match the address that you have configured RelayFax to monitor for these messages.

Directly deliver faxes into RelayFax's incoming fax queue

If RelayFax resides on your LAN you may choose this method rather than SMTP for distributing messages for faxing. When MDaemon receives a message intended for RelayFax it will be placed directly into RelayFax's incoming queue rather than delivered using SMTP.

Fax queue path

If RelayFax resides on the same machine on which MDaemon is running, you may leave this file path blank. Otherwise, you must specify the network path to RelayFax's \app\ folder.